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3DDragon Bacth Render PRO for 3ds max
3DDragon Bacth Render PRO for 3ds max

VRay Bacth Render PRO for 3ds max.
3DDragon Batch Render is a fully automated batch rendering tool for V-Ray.(3dsmax,especially for interior & architectural rendering) Saves your render time for vray,make your vray life easy.

* Supports batch multi-file rendering.(Scanline,Vray)
* Supports batch multi-camera rendering.(Scanline,Vray)
* Supports batch multi-camera + multi-file rendering.(Scanline,Vray)
* Auto save and load .vrmap & .vrlmap files when using "Irradiance map"+ "light cache"render mode for Vay.
* Easy batch generate file output paths in the file list.
* Can auto skip any not important maps or uvwmaps (Skip missing maps) in ¡°Quiet render mode¡± when batch rendering.
* Auto shutdown computer after batch rendering.(Lets rendering much easier than before for Vray)
* Cools down your CPU temperature after a long time rendering ( Protect your PC ) .
* Easy render scene channels for easier Photoshop reference.
* Provides many output file format for 3D artists. (.jpg .tga .bmp .tif .png .avi)
* Easy set output files alpha channel just like 3dsmax.

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