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The new features of EON 6.0 offer increased visual quality, improved effects and better integration with Microsoft Windows Vista and Mozilla Firefox browsers

The new EON 6.0 includes enhanced versions of EON Studio , EON Professional , EON CAD and EON Raptor product solutions designed to create interactive, 3D-rich content for sales, marketing, training and support applications.

For a complete perspective on how EON 6.0 enhances EON Reality's product family, visit EON 6.0 technical sheet .

EON Development Team

Why look at a static picture? Even a pre-rendered animation - when you can explore and share your models in full virtual reality for free?

What we would like to do is give you a piece of virtual reality software. It will allow you to bring all your models to life in fully interactive, real-time 3D and will also allow you to view and share them with anyone on the web - live - for free. And we do not want any money for it. It is 100% free. The software is called EON RaptorЩ.

In the 1930s, the movies inspired innovative companies to create the first commercials. Today's generation has grown up with games and expect information to be interactive, 3D compelling in real-time, as in a game. They do not want to be fed passive information. They want to try, enquire, explore and configure. Smart companies like Toyota/Lexus, Boeing, Suzuki, and Siemens are quickly adapting their communications to this new and rapidly growing trend by using EON's software.

Too good to be true? Not at all, here is your gift:

Downlod and install EON Raptor™. There are two different version of Raptor dependent of what version of Max you have, 3ds Max 5-8 and 3ds Max 9/2008

Download the standalone EON Viewer that reads the .eoz or .edz files exported from EON raptor (22MB).

Read more here!

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