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Power NURBS Pro And Translators Pro 5.0
Power NURBS Pro And Translators Pro 5.0

• 3ds Max 2009 and 3ds Design 2009 Support, (including 64 Bit processing)
• Major Performance Improvements
Version 5.0 contains significant performance improvements for the most common operations. Interactive editing performance is greatly improved, as well as rendering performance and mesh generation. In addition, version 5.0 takes advantage of modern multi-processor architectures by supporting multi-threading of highly compute intensive operations. So customers with multi-core machines will see huge performance improvements.

• Improved Filleting
Version 5.0 includes enhanced filleting support with D2 and D3 fillet corners, and handling of many difficult fillet cases that previously were impossible.

• Improved Sewing UI
The Power Join tool now allows the user to specify whether he/she is working with a solid or surface. In addition, Power Join now shows information about the number of open edges, volumes, faces, vertices, etc. This valuable feedback can assist the user in determining if the object has been successfully sewn into a solid, and give hints as to what further sewing actions should be performed.

• Improved Navigator Interface
The Power Navigator tool allows users to examine the construction history of nPower models, and provides easy access to navigate and modify the design. Version 5.0 further facilitates the modification of complex designs by highlighting the nested design objects for simplified selection within the Power Navigator tool. Design revisions propagate automatically and rapidly through the model hierarchy with nPower tools.
• 64 bit support for native translators
Version 5.0 now supports 64 bit processing for all native translators products (Power CatiaToMax, Power UGStoMax, Power ProEtoMax).

• Handles Larger Models
Version 5.0 significantly reduces the memory footprint, and allows for the creation and importing of much larger models.

• Improved quality
Version 5.0 fixes several important bugs, and includes important new protections to prevent problems.

Power NURBS Pro And Translators Pro 5.0

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