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Digimation Phoenix 1.5
Digimation Phoenix 1.5

Phoenix is a 3ds max atmosphere that was developed with the purpose of simulating real fire. The main idea is to achieve maximum visual realism without having to go deep into differential equations and physics but with the help of simple tools and a little time to create naturally looking fire, static as well as animated. Lighters and gas burners are something hard to imitate. Phoenix helps you a lot allowing full control of the colors, transparency and the shape of the flames. One of Phoenix’s unique features is the PhoenixGen. It’s a helper that can create flames of any shape based on source splines. It can create additional flames arranged on the source spline having full control over their bending, rotation and many more or directly convert the spline into a flame. Phoenix supports modified objects. Put as many modifiers as you want to your mesh, animate their parameters and Phoenix will do the rest for you, taking into consideration mesh changes it will generate the most realistic fire flames you have ever seen in 3ds max.

Размер: 280Kb
Скачать с upload.com.ua (пароль: gfhjkm)
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